Tired of city living? Why you should consider moving!

April 8, 2022

Moving to the suburbs isn’t just for retirees.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data, net migration to regional Australia is the highest on record. And although Eynesbury isn’t regional given it’s close proximity to the city, it still offers all of the best aspects of regional living. Think wide-open spaces, less traffic and connected communities that suit singles, couples, families and downsizers. In the ever-present search for work-life balance, moving from the city to the suburbs is a decision that has many Australians thinking outside the box (the moving box, that is).

So, why do people move out of the cities? Is moving away from the city the right choice for you and your family? Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?

This article explores what drives people towards a tree-change and the benefits that await, should you decide to jump the fence (you know you secretly want to!).

Why is everyone moving out of the main cities?

The world has changed during the last two years.

While ABS reports confirm the population exodus from Australian cities during COVID-19, the pandemic is just one factor contributing to people moving out of the city. The rising cost of living and lifestyle choices have also influenced people to make the shift from densely populated to green open spaces.

Rising prices in the city

The average house price in Melbourne is now $1.038 million. We’ll give you a moment to collect your jaw from the floor. Throw in food, fuel, and public transport costs, as well as education expenses if you have children and the budget is tight for many families who live in city areas.

Population congestion

The population density in Melbourne city is 22,400 people per square kilometer. This leads to high-density living and crowded roads and public transport. Some people may say this negatively impacts quality of life and other lifestyle factors.

Work from home abilities

Working from home has become synonymous with COVID-19. It is now an option that many employers continue to support, lockdown or not. Working from home gives people more flexibility and the ability to choose where they live based on lifestyle, not just commute time.

What are the benefits of living outside of main cities?

Smaller communities are considered to be more connected than densely populated cities. Add in the fresh air, a thriving natural environment to explore and various regular, local activities, moving away from the city may just lead you to your best life.

They also offer more space for you to grow – your family, your veggie patch, friendship networks, car, boat, and caravan collection! So, what are you waiting for?

Affordable housing and lower cost of living

Although demand outside of the city has increased in recent times, most areas are still more affordable. Plus, you get the bonus of a larger block of land generally and more space to call your own. At the time of writing, land at Eynesbury Estate starts from as little as $287,000.

Relaxed environment and lifestyle

City living is associated with hustle, bustle and the daily grind. Moving out of the city or other highly built-up areas conjures images of leisurely walks, abundant nature and friendly interactions with neighbours. A slower pace enables you to live in the moment and Eynesbury has many ways for you to keep those moments busy! Discover Eynesbury’s history, play golf, explore nature, dine out in style or connect with your community in an active but relaxed way.

Sense of community

Smaller communities provide a greater sense of connection and belonging, which has proven to be a significant factor in improving mental health and well-being. Something that is particularly important in these uncertain times.

There’s always something going on at Eynesbury to encourage the community to come together. The Eynesbury website is regularly updated with upcoming events and activities that everyone is invited to participate in. It also contains information about on-site dining, sports and recreational activities and local groups and clubs, just to name a few.

Active lifestyle

You can explore wide, open spaces right outside your front door when you live outside of the main city. Eynesbury Estate is brimming with birdlife, creeks, and waterways for you to discover. And with 27kms of walking/riding trails, a state-of-the-art sports and recreation facility and a world-class golf course on-site, the active and outdoors lifestyle that everyone is in search of is literally at your fingertips.

Here’s why Eynesbury is the best place to make your move out of the city

Eynesbury Estate is in Melbourne’s western growth corridor. Land ranges from smaller options to large, premium blocks. We also have house and land packages to make your purchase process simpler.

Eynesburians (yes, that’s the name bestowed upon you when you join our community!) are a close-knit, active bunch. Currently, we have 12 community groups and eight sporting clubs functional in the estate. Moving away from the city to Eynesbury Estate gives you the chance to be an engaged member of your community.

50% of Eynesbury Estate is dedicated to green open space and a series of connected walking and cycling trails that make it easier for you to get out of the house and into the outdoors. Or perhaps you’d prefer to partake in some action on the green with your neighbours and friends? Eynesbury Golf is open to all and offers a challenging 18-hole course in a stunning setting.

You don’t need to live in the big smoke to enjoy fine dining. Find a foodie haven at your new local – Eynesbury Quarter. Ms Peacock’s menu will leave you wanting more, and Birdy & Co. is the kind of approachable coffee shop city slickers can only dream of.

Final thoughts

Moving to the suburbs while enjoying the main benefit you had in the city – proximity to necessary services and facilities – has never been easier.

Eynesbury Estate is minutes from major retail outlets, educational facilities and the regional centres of Melton and Werribee. Enjoy the best of both worlds – urban convenience and rural tranquility – by moving out of the city to Eynesbury Estate.

We are a proud community that embraces and celebrates Eynesbury’s history while creating opportunities for the future. If you dream of seeing your kids playing with other children in the street, connecting with like-minded people at regular local events, eating out and supporting small businesses, then it’s time to come home to Eynesbury Estate.

Contact us to turn your dream of moving out of the city into a reality.