Land for sale

Whether you’re after a large block for a family home and loads of outdoors space, a budget friendly smaller lot, primely located land close to all the amenities that matter, or stunning, low maintenance townhomes, Eynesbury has you covered.

And for a limited time only, the highly sort-after Wedgewood at Eynesbury is also available. This premium release offers a collection of exclusive golf frontage lots alongside opportunities to purchase land nestled amongst Eynesbury’s pristine Grey Box Forest.


$250,000 to $650,000


10m to 27m

Land Size

300m2 to 715m2

Land Options for Sale

Eynesbury offers a complete range of land options to suit everyone from the budget conscious looking for a contained block requiring little maintenance to larger family’s searching for an abundance of space for a large backyard. There’s also options to secure premium land in close proximity to major amenities – perhaps the local government primary school, the on-site golf course or the future town centre?

What’s more, no matter the land, with over 50% of Eynesbury dedicated to green open space, each home will be surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, landscaped parks and of course carefully chosen amenities.

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