Conserving our environment

Resimax Group places significant importance on sustainable development, looking to conserve and enhance natural resources as much as possible. As one of the largest owners of offset sites in Victoria, the active management of native vegetation and biodiversity is a key focus of the group. Furthermore, significant measures have been taken to ensure water conservation, treatment and passive irrigation are common practice throughout the township.

Water Treatment Plant

Resimax Group has also developed an on-site recycled water treatment plant which converts Class C water into Class A for use on Eynesbury’s Golf Course. This significantly reduces the amount of fresh water required for irrigation and will ensure the golf course is looking green all year round.

Class A Recycled Water

Each household has two water supplies – drinking and Class A water. Recycled water is treated to Class A standard and is supplied to homes through purple-coloured pipes. Each property will have two separate meters, one for drinking water and the other for recycled water.

Passive Irrigation

Given the west of Melbourne typically receives approximately half of Melbourne’s annual rainfall, it’s important to capture as much storm water runoff for passive irrigation of streetscapes. During the services planning phase, the engineers and landscape architects work hand in hand to maximise the number of passive irrigation pits to service as many street trees as possible. This also helps to reduce pollutants and minimise runoff into the existing creeks and river systems.

On-site Native Nursery

Resimax Group has plans to establish an on-site native nursery. Once established, it will be an environmentally friendly initiative that will utilise the on-site water treatment plant and supply native plant species direct from within the project to new front yards as they are landscaped.

Environmental Conservation Fund

While Resimax Group is continuing to build the Eynesbury township, Osey Pty Ltd preserves the future of environmentally significant sites throughout Victoria that share similar native flora and fauna with Eynesbury.

The management of these sites, under the ownership and control Osey, will be in accordance with agreements with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Trust for Nature. This will ensure high quality, environmentally sound landscapes are maintained for future generations.