History & Heritage

A Million Years Of Progress

Eynesbury has a long, multilayered history. A history that’s rich in people, pride of place and a proudly independent community spirit. Firstly, the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners occupied this land for tens of thousands of years, caring for Country in the most sensitive and sustainable way. Then there’s the well-preserved pastoralist history and Eynesbury’s colourful natural history. And finally, there’s the collective history that the current residents create each day through their lives, stories and experiences.

Acknowledging Eynesbury's Traditional Owners

The history of this land goes way back way beyond what we see today. Eynesbury is situated on Aboriginal land, which the Wadawurrung People are Traditional Owners of.

Evidence of their Traditional habitation and ancient Culture can be seen throughout Eynesbury including numerous scar trees and artefacts. The grey box forest surrounding Eynesbury provided plentiful native animals for hunting and flora for harvesting.

We recognise the Wadawurrung People for their continuing cultural connection to this land and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

Our heritage is everywhere

There are 19 heritage listed assets dotted about Eynesbury, all of which represent the well-preserved pastoralist history of the land. Eynesbury celebrates this through their much-loved Heritage Trail which has recently been restored and revitalised.