Meet the two families turned neighbours in Eynesbury

December 19, 2023

Eynesbury residents, Christine and Henry Osborne, and Nathan and Rebecca Silvey are both relatives and neighbours, after purchasing and building their dream homes next door to each other.

A professional golfer at the time, Nathan and his wife, Rebecca bought their first home in Eynesbury over a decade ago to be near one of Australia’s top 100 public golf courses, Eynesbury Golf Club; one of the many amenities Resimax Group offers in the established community of Eynesbury.

Since then, the couple has sold their home and bought a bigger block of land, also within Eynesbury. Following suit, Rebecca’s parents became the Silvey’s neighbours when they moved from their long-term home in Keilor after 35 years.

“The process was straightforward as there were plenty of lots available. It’s the perfect spot for us as our new home is forest-facing and still close to the golf course where I play every Saturday,” said Nathan.

Having lived in the area for ten years, Nathan and Rebecca moved into their second home in Eynesbury; a double-story, four-bedroom house with their two daughters earlier this year, after experiencing Resimax Group’s community-oriented services and lifestyle amenities on offer within the estate.

“The area is slightly further from the Melbourne CBD, but that meant we could afford to buy a lot that fits a four-bedroom house with a swimming pool in the backyard.”

“We had considered moving away from Eynesbury for our kids, but the area is growing with a new school recently opening up, which was a major drawcard to keeping us here,” added Nathan.

Nathan’s parents-in-law, Christine and Henry echoed Nathan’s sentiment in addition to being able to spend more time with their grandchildren without having to travel as far.

“The attractive thing about Eynesbury is we wouldn’t have been able to build the two houses we have here if we were in the heart of the city, so that’s why living just out of Melbourne was a no-brainer for us,” said Nathan.

When purchasing their second home, Nathan and Rebecca considered rising interest rates and the effect of this on the Melbourne housing market. The couple wanted to ensure they could still make enough equity from the house they sold to not only upgrade but also have a similar mortgage to ten years ago.

“We only borrowed amounts where we could still handle a worst-case scenario where interest rates skyrocket even more. So, we weren’t maxing out, if that makes sense. We still have enough money now to be able to go and enjoy things with the kids on the weekend because we didn’t over-capitalise in our loan,” concluded Nathan.

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