The Great Eynesbury Toilet Paper Drop

April 8, 2020

Residents of Eynesbury have been issued their papers by property developers Resimax Group, in the form of a six pack of toilet paper for every household in the suburb.

Volunteers from the company are distributing more than 6000 rolls in an effort to unite and support its local community. Resimax Group founder Ozzie Kheir said he was offered the gift of some toilet paper by the owner of a personal care company. While he didn’t need to take him up on the offer, he did enquire into purchasing a commercial order for the residents of his latest development.

“Since settling Eynesbury, and getting machinery on site, we have been blown away by the sense of community in the area. “We have seen the great things the residents are doing for each other through our community Facebook groups, and this was something that we were able to do in return for them,” he said. Toilet paper is delivered by golf buggy to houses, equipped with hand sanitiser, in a socially responsible manner. Doorbells were rung and a note left in explanation.

In addition to the toilet paper drop the property group has also established its own fresh food delivery service called ‘Eynesbury Fresh’ that ensures residents have access to essentials like fresh fruit, vegetables and meat from local suppliers during this period of self-isolation.