Eynesbury One | Community Newsletter May 2022

May 13, 2022


Town Centre 

We’re pleased to announce that the town planning application for Phase 1 of the town centre has formally been lodged with Melton Council. Phase 1 includes all the everyday conveniences such as supermarket, food and beverage options, medical centre, fitness centre and swim school, childcare and commercial space. The proposed plans have been carefully master planned and developed over the course of the last 18 months and will be in keeping with the character of Eynesbury. The next steps include curating commercial operators and proceeding to detailed plans for building permit once an approved planning permit is issued.

Mt Mary Road 

Approval of engineering drawings by Wyndham Council is expected imminently. Engineering drawings for section of Mt Mary Road within Melton are approved. Final planning permit condition to be satisfied prior to works commencing relates to an environmental condition which is expected to be satisfied in 4 – 6 weeks.


Civil works will be nearing completion toward the end of June. Detailed landscape plans have now been approved by Council and Melbourne Water and are currently out to tender. The  intention is to commence landscaping construction in Spring this year.

Stage construction

Stage 6 – first sub-stage within stage 6 is about to register (stage 6A). With stages 6B & 6C to follow next month and 6D – 6F to be completed in July. Importantly, this unlocks the road and service infrastructure required for the first phase of the town centre.


Stage 11A5 Reserve – Currently under construction with works scheduled for completion early July 2022.

Stage 11A6 Reserve – Currently under construction with works scheduled for completion end July 2022.

Stage 11A2-11A6 Streetscapes – Native grassing currently installed and under establishment period. Streetscape works to commence July 2022 with final stage scheduled to be completed late 2022

Stage 4 – Currently under construction with works scheduled for completion end May 2022

Stage 5 Streetscape and Reserve – Native grassing currently installed and under establishment period. Streetscape works to commence mid July 2022 with final stage scheduled to be completed end August 2022

Stage 8 Reserve – Stage 8A reserve to commence construction mid May 2022 with works scheduled for completion mid July 2022.

Wetland 6 & Wetland 8 – Wetland 6 & 8 due to commence construction September 2022 (TBC) with works tentatively scheduled for completion early 2023.

Eynesbury Early Education

This month at Eynesbury Early Education, we are looking forward to a visit from the dentist! We are also hosting a Mother’s Day afternoon tea and will celebrate National Reconciliation Week later in the month. Children continue to enjoy our weekly music classes, while our kinder children look forward to sports classes, run by an external coach each week.

Eynesbury Primary School

Eynesbury Primary School’s student-centered approach is predicated on individual learning needs, underpinned by high expectations for all and a commitment to student wellbeing. Their mission is to ensure the learning and achievement of every child and to empower young people and their community to work together in this pursuit.

For more information, check out the Eynesbury Primary School flyer below.

Environment Group

The Eynesbury township is an expanding estate in an environmentally significant area. Immediately adjacent to the estate is the Grey Box Grassy Woodland and Temperate Grassland. At around 280 hectares, the Eynesbury Grey Box Grassy Woodland is in fact one of the largest and most important Grey Box Woodlands in close proximity to Melbourne. Grey Box Grassy Woodlands and Temperate Grasslands are both nationally threatened ecological communities.

The Eynesbury Environment Group (EEG) is a local community group that works towards protecting and enhancing the natural environment of Eynesbury and surrounding areas. Our main activities are community education (bird and nature walks, partnership with Eynesbury Primary School), environmental monitoring and advocacy. Everyone is welcome to our events, but if you want to be more involved, you can also become a member.

We run bird/nature walks in Eynesbury every second month (see our schedule for 2022). These are free walks and available to anyone in the community to attend.

The Eynesbury Environment Group also has a regular stall at the Eynesbury market, where we sell native and indigenous plants that were grown by EEG members. Come and have a look if you are interested in establishing a garden that creates a habitat for Eynesbury birds and other local wildlife.

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram and contact us; eynesbury.environment.group@gmail.com.

Eynesbury Tennis Club

Late in February this year, I put a message out about setting up a tennis club and there were some terrific responses! Thank you to those who were willing to participate within a committee in order to establish the club and thank you to the community for your support and becoming active in your renewed tennis skills.

We have established the club and have finally received our affiliation with Tennis Victoria and Tennis Australia. We have also established a bank account which means you will be able register as a member and participate in programs, competitions and social events and also receive coaching once our coach arrives. It also means that the club can apply for grants; one of which has been completed from Melton City Council and we can start seeking support for sponsorship.

There is so much to get excited about with local clubs offering us to play within their social competitions, to holding a local tournament, having Tennis for Teens, Cardio Tennis, Hot Shots, Early access to purchase tickets for International Competitions such as The French Open, Wimbledon, US Open and of course the Australian Open. Earlier this year, I posted in the Facebook group access for children to train as ball kids for the Australian Open.

Jump onto the web portal that is now open and register today to become a member of Eynesbury Tennis Club. I can not wait to see the kids of today become the stars of the future!

Eynesbury Rotary 

Rotary Eynesbury initiated an annual Free Easter Egg Parade and Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday at the Village Green (Walhalla Oval).A beautiful sunny morning the event was attended by parents and children as well as pets. Much excitement ensued as children, adults and suitably attired dogs paraded. First prize was $100 for boys and $100  girls as well as $50 as a second prize for each. 150 eggs were hidden in an easily accessible, safe area and very enthusiastic children rushed out when given the okay among much fun and laughter and each child there was able to gather an abundance of eggs. The adult winner won a beautiful orchid plant and the top three winning dogs were handed dog treats. It was a most enjoyable morning, thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Eynesbury General Store

Thirsty Camel is at the General, providing all of your favourite drinks! Open Monday – Saturday from 12pm – 8:30pm and Sunday from 11am – 8pm.

Eynesbury Winter Festival 

The Eynesbury Winter Festival returns on Friday 24 June!

Our Winter Festival is a month-long winter celebration, running until Sunday 24 July. Hit the ice rink and enjoy some tasty winter food & drinks from Ms Peacock and Birdy & Co. There’ll be so much to see and do, like the Winter Solstice happening on Saturday 16th July – the perfect winter outing for the entire family.

And yes, it’s FREE to enter the Eynesbury Winter Festival. But we do recommend pre-booking tickets for our ice rink. Visit our website for more details.

Eynesbury Heritage Trail 

To celebrate the Australian Heritage Festival, we’ve launched the Eynesbury Heritage Trail to highlight our numerous heritage buildings and structures. Come down & enjoy a walk back in time – keep an eye out for the purple signs! For more information, visit our website.

Garage Trail
Coming soon – Sunday 23rd October. 

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