Mount Mary Road

May 24, 2021

All roads lead to Eynesbury in Melbourne’s west: Councils’ green light cuts commute by half-hour.

Wyndham and Melton City Councils’ approval of a new road connecting Werribee to the southern side of Eynesbury estate is a huge win-win for residential property developer Resimax Group as well as current and prospective residents of the rapidly growing suburb. Resimax Group Chief Executive Officer Steve Hooker said construction of Mt Mary Road will provide a direct link between Eynesbury and Ballan Road – opening up the estate to the Wyndham corridor.

“When it’s completed, Mt Mary Road will cut travel time between Werribee and Eynesbury by 25 minutes,” he said. “This means that what’s currently a 50-minute drive will be reduced to a painless 25-minute commute, which is great news for those who work and go to school in Wyndham Vale or Werribee or catch the train from the local stations. “It’s also a positive for residents who have family and friends in the region or like to shop and socialise in nearby suburbs.

“This is a significant investment of over $16m to deliver this critical infrastructure, and it’s going to benefit a huge number of people across Victoria.” Hooker praised Wyndham and Melton City Councils for working cooperatively to approve the road’s permits. “It’s a great example of how local governments can band together to help connect their communities and ease traffic congestion in the area.” Construction of the new road is expected to commence between July and September 2021 and anticipated to take 12 months to be completed.